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    ULTRA RANGE – Shoes for the Comfort Seekers !

    Are you an avid traveler ? A Skater, Cyclist or someone who Treks for a high ? Does your profession involve you to be on your foot most of the time? We have the perfect, the most stylist and a pair of super light shoes for you. Ultra Range Series of shoes from VANS and […] More

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    Greetings One & All!

    We at Eatdude would like to express our thanks for joining us on this journey through food, drink & everything in between. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking the link below; Eatdude’s YouTube Channel Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest, all you gotta do is search for […] More

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    'They say Travelling is The Healthiest Addiction'


    GREECE!! Be it Santorini, Athens or Rhodes, Greece has got honeymooners, family tourists and the wanderers covered. With Beautiful Blue Beaches and Black Sands, Cafes to Jacuzzi’s Greece can be Luxury at the same time Affordable. The incredible weather, never ending beaches, Delectable cuisine and history. Greece is on top of my Travel List. Let […] More

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    iPhone X – Celebrating 10 Glorious iPhone Years..

    Its Loaded with features, Its fun, It allows you send Animojis and Hey! Your face is the new Key to unlock your phone. And a full vision display for all you Netflixers. With a whooping price tag of INR 85,022 for a 64GB. Lets us know if the iPhone X is a HIT or a […] More

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    5 Best Movies streaming on Netflix, India.

    5. It follows – A 2014 distilled horror surrounding a teenager, This movie is not only creepy but also one of those well made smart horror films. 4. The White Helmets – 2016, Academy Awards winner for Best Documentary concentrating on Syria’s Civil war, air strikes, bombing and the heartfelt desire to save people’s lives. […] More

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    Learn How To Make Margherita Pizza

    To put this beautiful, simple and comfort food together you’ll need to make the pizza base and the sauce, Eatdude’s recipes for both are linked below. Also,Learn how to make traditional Pizza Dough and a super easy yet amazingly tasty Pizza Sauce. Like- Share- Subscribe and Follow. Spread the PIZZA love !! More

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    Aurora or The Polar Lights – Once In A Lifetime Experience!


    This holiday plan for the most exciting and a phenomenal travel experience all together. Aurora or commonly known as the polar lights, a natural display of earth’s sky predominantly in high latitude regions.These are commonly found in the regions of Arctic and Antarctic, yeah! The colder ones. Polar Lights are not only stunning to look […] More

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