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active 6 months ago

ULTRA RANGE – Shoes for the Comfort Seekers !

Are you an avid traveler ?

A Skater, Cyclist or someone who Treks for a high ?

Does your profession involve you to be on your foot most of the time?

We have the perfect, the most stylist and a pair of super light shoes for you. Ultra Range Series of shoes from VANS and they are oh, so comfortable. Ultra Range PRO the ones with more cushion for you to keep pushin'.

They are soft to your sole, tough on the outside and gives you the utmost control keeping you away from slips and falls.

Ultra Range partnered with Nought one for their FUTURE KIDS collection and walked the Indian and Amazon Fashion Week in OCT 2017 making heads turn and young designers supported.

Sensible gifting this festive season ?? Yes ! Please..

Watch their Video from the Fashion week here.

Click here to know more about VANS and their  Ultra Range Pro.

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